Yield Solutions Group, a Colorado LLC established February 3, 2016, offers refinance opportunities to consumers under the dba RefiJet.  Yield Solutions Group (YSG) has a proven track record of generating attractive portfolios of auto refinance loans for credit unions, regional banks, finance companies, and an OEM finance company.  Through its nationwide network of partner Lenders, YSG offers auto loan refinance opportunities to consumers in all credit tiers.  YSG prescreens each application against Lenders’ unique program guidelines to identify the best match for the consumer’s refinance goals and credit quality.  As a result, YSG is able to deliver high approval and look-to-book ratios for its partner Lenders. 

YSG Model

YSG specializes in generating new, refinance loan applications for Lenders seeking to generate incremental loan volume to achieve specific portfolio parameters and yield targets.  YSG uses a sophisticated process of identifying prospects and designing and implementing marketing campaigns under the consumer-facing brand “RefiJet.”  YSG attracts borrowers with strong payment history and improved credit profiles who will be receptive to an offer to refinance at a lower APR, lower monthly payment, and/or other attractive loan structure and can target specific credit profiles based on lender program guidelines.  These refinance auto loans have proven to outperform similar portfolios of direct and indirect auto loans.

YSG receives incoming consumer responses, third-party referrals and warm transfers from an OEM partner, then gathers application data and stips, provides opportunities for the consumer to add back-end products, provides a complete loan package to the Lender, and communicates with the consumer to complete the deal.  Lenders underwrite, verify, and fund the loans.  The Lender only incurs fees for loans that they fund.  YSG handles costs associated with marketing, consumer communications, and application and loan file processing.  Operations are designed to be scalable to support any desired loan volume and criteria.  Lenders can define the states from which they will originate loans. 

YSG carefully selects industry-leading vendors that support its processes.  Our proprietary application processing systems functions are supported by credit bureau, lead aggregation and referrals, call center collateral valuation, employment and income validation, secure document delivery, identity authentication, ancillary product provider, and title perfection vendor services and technology, for example.  YSG carefully evaluates each Service Provider to ensure it provides the appropriate level of services and data security for the functions being provided.

Thus, the company provides a method for Lenders to improve their auto loan portfolio yield by adding low-cost, well-targeted refinance loans that can be expected to perform better than newly originated loans.  Due to a high level of automated systems and standardized operating policies and procedures, YSG operations are designed for quick scalability to support each Lender’s targets for volume and loan metrics with consistency and regulatory compliance. 

Similar to receiving loan applications from an auto dealer, YSG generates prescreened consumer leads, processes the applications, presents application data for lender underwriting, handles all aspects of customer service during the application process, and delivers complete loan packages to the Lender for funding then perfects the title.  In some cases, YSG may also handle refinance loan applications that are referred directly by the Lender. 

The Lender defines its lending allocation, provides its loan criteria, underwrites/verifies the loan, provides the loan decision to YSG, provides the capital for the loan, then books and services the loan.  Fees are only due to YSG from the Lender for funded loans, making the program low risk and low cost way to increase auto loan volume and enhance portfolio yield.

Benefits of Yield Solutions Group Program

  • Low, fixed-cost access to prequalified leads that are identified specifically to meet the Lender’s criteria—YSG handles all costs associated with generating and evaluating leads, gathering stips, communicating with consumers, creating and assembling the loan documents. YSG also facilitates title perfection.
  • Simpler, more efficient, and less expensive option for originating loans without having to interface with a dealer network
  • For credit unions, efficient method to increase membership
  • For OEM, a customized and exclusive full-service method to provide enhanced and efficient service to current borrowers seeking to refinance or buy-out leases
  • Access to a broader market than the Lender can generate directly
  • Alternative to building internal infrastructure to support refinance activities
  • Ability to generate specific amount and types of loans to supplement existing portfolio
  • Ability to target specific criteria to complement or supplement existing portfolio parameters to enhance overall yield
  • Outsourcing program fully supports all aspects of service provider regulatory compliance
  • Minimize competitive pressures while growing the portfolio
  • YSG facilitates loan payoff to the past lender, which minimizes competitive pressures
  • Obtain consumers who have proven their ability to perform on their loans
  • Refinance loans tend to perform better than original indirect loans since loan performance expectations are based on proven past payment history
  • Operations are designed specifically for compliance with current regulatory requirements

Target Market

YSG’s services are designed to support refinance auto loans in all credit tiers, from sub-prime through prime, and in all 50 states to respond to each Lender’s target portfolio profile and yield targets.  Operations are designed to be scalable to support any desired loan volume and criteria.  Lenders can define the states from which they will originate loans. 

YSG’s refinance program targets consumers with strong auto loan payment histories, thereby capturing the best-performing assets from other lender’s portfolios and moving them to the client Lender’s portfolio.  For consumers, YSG provides a method to obtain a lower interest rate and/or monthly payment on their auto loans.  YSG’s target Lenders are financial institutions that want to obtain auto loans that can be expected to have higher yields and lower origination costs than the traditional indirect methods of acquiring loans since the initial lender took on the riskiest segment in the life of each loan.

YSG welcomes new lender, OEM, affilate, and vendor partners to support serving consumer seeking auto loan refinancing and auto lease buy-out.