Yield Solutions Group

Our Skilled Leaders

We help you discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge the gap of what is with what can be.

Reid Rubenstein
Co- Founder & Managing Partner
Mark Schwartz
Co- Founder & Managing Partner
David Sunshine
Co- Founder & Managing Partner
Gary Schwartz
Board Member & Chief Compliance Officer
Sheryl Gurrentz
Director of Compliance
Ashley Misner
Director of Marketing
Rommel Toney
Director of Training
Patty Cabrera
Director of Admin, Funding, & Titling
Patrick Egeland
Director of Platform Development
Garry Hodnett
Director of Human Resources
Caleb Swainston
Director of Sales
Nick Campbell
Director of Finance
Chuck Rice
Head of Product
Michael Thompson
IT Manager
Ryan Lee
Scott Lee
Training Manager
Dan Arguello
Loan Analytics Manager
Elizabeth Bergman
Funding Manager
Corina Thayer
LDR Manager
Alexandra Erlewine
Training Manager
Steven Paine
Team Manager
Seth Rubenstein
Team Manager
Grant Finn
Team Manager
Stephanie Steele
Jeremy Reyes
Customer Service Manager

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