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When credit unions, banks, and finance companies want to expand or enhance their auto loan portfolios, they look to Yield Solutions Group, LLC (YSG). YSG’s regulatory-compliant program generates auto refinance loans that can be relied upon to match lender target criteria and perform better than newly-originated and indirect loans.

Why Partner With YSG for Auto Refinance Loans?

  • Using an exclusive outsourced application, loan, and title perfection partner enhances control, operating efficiency, and portfolio yield, along with customer service.
  • YSG is recognized for its industry-leading Compliance Management System, which supports lender regulatory compliance and consumer protection.
  • RefiJet, YSG’s consumer-facing brand, is recognized for industry-leading customer service, resulting in happy customers who feel a connection to the lender and, therefore, perform better.

Partner Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Lenders can generate additional loans through existing infrastructure and avoid losing loans through refinancing to another lender.

Improved Portfolio Performance

Direct loans outperform indirect; refinance loans perform better than newly originated loans.

Attractive Ratios

YSG programs the lender’s unique criteria into its systems to prescreen applications, resulting in high look to book and capture rates.


YSG understands Lenders’ need to adjust rates and program guidelines over time and is designed to support Lender control and customization throughout the process.


Using YSG provides flexibility to create incremental loan volume with minimal risk, optimal control, and minimal cost, all while supporting the Lender’s loan criteria, yield objectives, and regulatory compliance.

Reliable & Secure

To make sure our customer’s data is safe, we deploy the latest technology, do regular third-party penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to ensure we are as secure as possible.

Yield Solutions was instrumental in assisting Premier Members Credit Union with not only reaching our production volume goal but also falling well below our risk tolerances.  Premier used Yield Solutions to provide applications from a total of 12 states.  We found that reaching outside our current state market allowed us to diversify our auto loan portfolio and reduced the risk associated with having “all our eggs in one basket.”

– Todd Anderson, Portfolio Analytics • Indirect & Commercial Landing Manager

How the YSG Lender Program Works

  • YSG conducts marketing activities to generate loan applications
  • YSG evaluates loan applications against Lender criteria and works with the consumer to find the optimal loan structure and Lender to meet their refinancing goal
  • YSG offers back-end product options as approved by the Lender
  • The Lender receives application data and performs its standard underwriting process, then provides decision and loan structure data to YSG
  • YSG handles all aspects of consumer communication, including providing the lender-approved terms and providing the lende’rs documents populated with the approved loan structure for the consumer’s signature
  • YSG provides a final loan funding package to the Lender
  • The Lender reviews the loan package and provides the funds to YSG
  • YSG handles post-funding processes, including payoff, product activation/cancellation, and title perfection
  • The Lender books and services its new loan

Getting Started is Easy

Due Diligence

YSG has extensive materials available for initial (and on-going) due diligence and welcomes on-site visits.

Launch Prep

YSG configures its systems for Lender’s program guidelines, rates, and documents and integrates with the Lender’s system through RouteOne, direct integration, or other Lender-approved method. 


YSG tests system integration and provides test loan packages for Lender approval.


Thousands of Happy Customers

And a Strong Online Reputation

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