Risk management factors into every aspect of YSG’s operations.  Risk management activities range from providing appropriate disclosures and consents to each consumer at the appropriate stages of the process to conducting all activities in our secure network and with specially-configured hardware, to the numerous physical, technical, and administrative security controls in all aspects of the operations.  Consumer protection, data security and privacy, and compliance with applicable federal and state regulations are at the forefront of every policy and procedure.  YSG recognizes that it isn’t just managing risk for itself, it is also managing and mitigating risk for its lender and vendor partners.  Accordingly, YSG works with each lender and vendor partner to ensure appropriate contractual obligations and operational controls are in place. 

YSG conducts an annual Enterprise Risk Management Assessment to identify and address risks in a proactive manner.  YSG maintains and tests a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan to support ongoing operations.  We also conduct a variety of monitoring and auditing activities to ensure our systems and operations are conducted securely and in compliance with approved policies and procedures.