Yield Solutions Group (YSG) is designed to generate new, refinance loan applications for Lenders seeking to generate incremental loan volume to achieve specific portfolio targets.  Our Lender partners have found that YSG-generated refinance loans outperform newly originated loans, resulting in improved portfolio performance and yield. 

In addition to achieving improved portfolio yield through reduced default frequency and severity, Lenders also achieve lower Cost-Per-Acquisition and processing costs.  With YSG handling all aspects of marketing, lead processing, application processing, customer service, loan document preparation, product activation and cancellation, and title perfection, Lender partners add significantly less overhead to manage the additional loan volume generated through YSG. 

The Lender defines its lending allocation, provides its loan criteria, provides its loan document forms, underwrites/verifies the loan, provides the loan decision to YSG, provides the capital for the loan, then books and services the loan.  Fees are only due to YSG from the Lender for funded loans, making the program low risk, low cost, and high yield to the Lender.