YSG is designed specifically to generate and process refinance auto loans for Lender partners.  From organizational design to IT systems, to third-party vendors, to technical, administrative, and physical security, every aspect of the Company is oriented towards providing a safe, secure, efficient, and effective method to generate incremental, high-performing auto loan portfolios for Lenders. Due to a high level of automated systems and standardized operating policies and procedures, YSG operations are designed for quick scalability to support each Lender’s targets for volume and loan metrics with consistency and regulatory compliance.

YSG’s Operating Departments 

Lender Relations:  The Executive Team and the Director of Compliance handle all aspects of Lender communications and support, from initial marketing to initial due diligence and through ongoing due diligence and service provider regulatory compliance reviews.  They are also available as needed to address questions and concerns as needed.  The Chief Compliance Officer is also available to address regulatory-related matters.

Consumer Marketing The Marketing Department designs and manages campaigns and activities to generate consumer leads.  This includes monitoring any vendors associated with marketing campaigns, such as providers of prescreened lists and direct mail companies.

Call Center Operations:  The Call Center handles application processing operations.   The number of call center staff is calibrated according to expected application and loan volume. 

Titles:  This department reviews documents to make sure they are accurate and complete for timely title perfection.  They also submit the title docs to the title perfection vendor.  This department monitors and reports on 3rd-party title perfection vendor activities and handles any title issues that are not addressed by the vendor.

Admin/QC:  This department ensures that loan packages are complete, accurate, and consistent with lender requirements.

  • Admin Team: This team creates the consumer loan package, facilitates consumer signatures on the loan docs, reviews the loan documents with borrowers, and ensures that the required stips have been received from the borrower. 
  • Funding Team: This team reviews loan packages for completeness and accuracy, facilitates any necessary corrections, then transfers them to lenders for funding.

Back-end product administration:  This team ensures that the appropriate funds are disbursed to back-end product providers and handles any aspects of back-end product cancellation that are not handled directly by the provider. 

Training YSG’s training department provides formal, two-week-long new agent training to all call center agents.  Customized training is also provided to other staff who are handling consumer information and documents.  All new employee training includes regulatory compliance and physical, administrative, and technical security components.  Ongoing training is conducted for call center staff on a weekly basis.  Additional re-training is provided to individual staff members on an as-needed basis based on results from third-party call monitoring results, consumer complaints, and management oversight.  Compliance and Security Training is provided to all staff on at least an annual basis.

Call Monitoring:  This team conducts random call monitoring.  Their call scoring reports identify whether each FSR and Administrative staff member is following approved script, policies, and procedures.  A failing call score leads to immediate individual retraining and coaching or other appropriate disciplinary actions. 

IT The IT team has responsibilities across development, network management, user training and support, and infrastructure and application management. 

Business Management:  This group handles corporate finance/accounting as well as cash transfers related to the loan flow, such as title payments and payoff disbursements. 

Regulatory Compliance This department maintains and implements the Compliance Management System.  It provides oversight and management of compliance policies and procedures, conducts and addresses internal regulatory oversight monitoring, supports client service provider audits, notifies the board and management of compliance issues, and provides reports on consumer complaint management. 

Customer Relations:  This department receives, tracks, and facilitates the resolution of consumer complaints to ensure each complaint is addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Our Hiring Practices

YSG performs background and credit checks on management and call center staff and any staff members that will have access to private consumer information and/or funds transfer authority.  Employees are required to attest in writing, on an annual basis, their commitment to following YSG policies and procedures.  YSG also uses a formal on- and off-boarding process.

The company has a staffing plan for ramping up staffing levels to match projected and actual increases in application and loan volume.    The company offers a comprehensive employee benefits package designed to attract and retain top-quality employees.  It includes health insurance, vacation, stock ownership opportunities.  Employees are required to attest on an annual basis that they will comply with policies and procedures included in the employee handbook.