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Customers face numerous challenges managing the cost and complexity of car ownership. We partner with innovative brands that are also looking for creative solutions to these challenges.

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  • Generate extra income and provide your users with a fast and easy solution to save thousands on their auto loan
  • Revenue stream to complement your current content and customer base
  • RefiJet is the fastest growing and best-rated platform in the industry

Partner Benefits

Highly Relevant

Auto loan debt is top of mind and partnering with RefiJet can help save your auidence thousands!

Unmatched Conversions

Our marketplace model offers the most options, broadest eligibility, and best user experience.

Competitive Payouts

Monetize existing content or create something brand new with unlimited earning potential.

“ has been lucky to have Refijet as a partner for many years.  Over those years the entire team has been wonderful to work with, provided excellent customer service, always engaged and innovative and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come!”

Staci Bailey,

How the Affiliate Program Works

  • There are no additional costs to become a RefiJet affiliate
  • RefiJet pays a set commission for each referred, funded application
  • RefiJet provides a proprietary tracking and reporting system
  • Our platform provides custom-tailored programs to support your company’s look and feel
  • Custom payouts, API access, and real-time application status updates are available for high-volume affiliates

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