Our vision is to deliver the most innovative employee, customer, lender, and vendor experiences through focus on service, technology, our corporate culture, and core values. These Values drive every decision:

  • Integrity – Do what we say we are going to do when we say we will do it with honesty and with moral uprightness.
  • Respect – Deep admiration for our colleagues, clients, and partners’ abilities and qualities.
  • Accountability – Hold ourselves and each other responsible in everything we do.
  • Compliance – Complete adherence to our rules, policies, and standards.
  • Collaboration – Working with our teammates to produce great results and create a great company.
  • Passion – Working with tenacity and strong emotion.
  • Appreciation – Recognizing and enjoying the good qualities of our company and fellow employee.

At YSG/RefiJet, we don’t just say these things.  We act on them by incorporating them into our work, our company activities, and our workplace.  We place great value on caring for people who work with us and know that our culture and our team differentiate us from other employers—both in our industry and in Denver.

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We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help our company, our partners, and our clients.

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